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MaribethDear Friends,

When pressed, I have to describe myself as tenacious, persistent, a lover of beauty and ideas. Even with years of helping businesses in this field, I learn something new each day. In this ever-changing digital age, that's good for you.

While my expertise is in design (I hold a BA in Fine Art and a minor in Graphic Design), my passion is in story telling, in "painting a picture" that communicates and reverberates with customers. Imagine if everything that a customer, or potential customer, sees, hears, or touches from your business, is easily identified with your business. What a great way to remember you! And yes, there could be exceptions, adding to the fun.

Sometimes, I work "alone", others I pull in extra heads, hearts and hands. You'll be pleased to know that the team I pull together for your projects is reliable and creative. We also offer ongoing support, to keep you progressing.

I look forward to learning how I might help. And meeting you, because what makes a story interesting are the people in it—like you. –Maribeth Conard